Wojtek is a Managing Partner at mAccelerator and advisor to the Management Board at mBank. Before joining mBank, Wojciech worked in the Investment Banking Division at J.P. Morgan in London where he was responsible for financial services clients primarily in the EMEA region with the focus on M&A advisory and capital markets transactions. Prior to that, he was an Investment Analyst at a Paris based private equity company Pechel. Over the past six years, Wojtek held a number of managerial positions at mBank including Head of Group Corporate Development, Head of Group Subsidiaries’ Oversight, Head of Strategy and Head of Investor Relations. Wojtek is a graduate of Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris (currently ESCP Europe). His personal interests include travel and ancient history. Wojtek brings a wealth of transactional experience within the financial sector combined with an in-depth analytical understanding of financial institutions. He believes banks will not be extinct any time soon and have a lot to win from building lasting and broad partnerships with technology firms.


Jarek is a Managing Partner at mAccelerator and oversees the fund’s global activities. His prior professional experience spanned numerous segments in the Financial sector  including Retail Banking, Life and P&C Insurance. He gained vast experience while holding top managerial positions, such as CFO, CMO, COO, CIO, Head of Retail Banking. Jarek’s career in mBank Group began more than ten years ago. As head of Retail Banking at mBank, he supervised all business activities of branches in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Most recently he held the position of Head of Operations and IT and was responsible among others for enterprise software, security, real estate. He was the founder and CEO of BRE Ubezpieczenia, which was Poland’s first insurance house to sell insurance on the Internet. Jarek is leveraging his experience to bridge worlds of tech startups and large corporates as he believes monolithic companies have to transform and be a part of the ecosystem if they want to succeed.