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Your most common questions answered

What is mAccelerator?

Who are the people working at mAccelerator?

Is mAccelerator focused only on banking-related investments?

What is the role of mBank in mAccelerator?

What is the best time to apply to mAccelerator?

What are your investment criteria?

What is your geographical scope?

What is the best way to reach out to mAccelerator?

Do you have a preferred stage of investment?

How do I make sure the idea that I pitch to you is not used by someone else?

How large is your fund?

What investment size do you target?

Can I apply for a job at mAccelerator or one of its portfolio companies?

What does mAccelerator bring into the table besides money?

How long does it take you to reach an investment decision?

Privacy policy

What data do you gather?

What does the privacy policy govern?

Will you disclose any personal information?